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JINGBA Knee Sleeve with Pad-M

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Jingba Wrist Sleeve-Black-XL

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Jingba Left Right Adjustable Shoulder Brace

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JINGBA Neoprene Ankle Guard

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JINGBA Adjustable Neoprene Ankle Brace

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Care Us kenesiology tape

Item Description:
Careus Kinesiology Tape is a high quality, breathable cloth tape widely used by athletes and athletic trainers to protect joints from injury or sprains and to provide support and help speed recovery after injury.
1.  Apply 30 minutes prior to activity.  Apply to skin that has been thoroughly cleansed and is free of hair.
2.  Position sports tape over the body part and apply light pressure to adhere.  Reposition if necessary.
3.  After achieving desired placement, firmly rub to activate the adhesive.
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Medline Two-Button Folding Walker with Wheels, Metallic, 1 Count

About this item

  • Each side folds independently to allow easy movement through narrow spaces
  • Side cross braces provide extra durability
  • Pushbutton, heightadjustable legs
  • Height adjustments vary from 32 inch - 32.5 inch to 39 inch - 39.5 inch
  • 5 inch wheels
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