Healthfirst Wrist Wraps-Black Red, Grey, Orange, Green, Deep Blue, Yellow

Healthfirst Wrist Wraps, Pair:

  • Available in 8 colours
  • Supports and stabilizes wrists
  • Workout wrist wraps minimize stress to joints
  • Allows a more comfortable workout
  • Also works as stress management tool
  • Reduces chances of joint injury during lifting and other activities
  • Builds strength
  • Built with stretchy elastic to maintain flexibility
  • Package includes 2
  • Unisex
  • Velcro closure and thumb loop

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Product details

Build strength and increase joint support without the pain with Healthfirst Wrist Wraps. They allow for a more comfortable workout and also work as stress management tool. By stabilizing the wrist, they also reduce the chance of injury during lifting and other activities. Made with neoprene, they’re designed to maintain flexibility. These workout wrist straps come in a set of two. They have a Velcro closure to keep them securely in place.